Camel safari in jaisalmer

Camel safari is an essential part of Rajasthan culture and the most exciting adventure should be first on the bucket list while traveling to Jaisalmer. A camel safari includes a move from Jaisalmer to a camel point at Thar desert. Then the visitor can ride a camel for one or two hours and thereafter tourists can watch the sunset on the dunes. The best season to enjoy the camel safari in jaisalmer is from September to march in the colorful sky and the view of the beautiful sunset. It's an overnight safari which gives you a relishing experience of staying in the night at a desert on the dunes of Thar. The rides take you to the remote areas of the deserts where you can see the flora and fauna and enjoy the pleasant view behind the dunes.

The camel safari in Jaisalmer is the most adventurous activity in the dunes of the golden city. Sit on the back of the camel holding its bump as it takes you on the bumpy ride across all over the desert. The bumpy ride on your new fuzzy friend, looking in awe at the colorful sunset and sleeping out under the stars makes the memorable trip for the visitor. If you are a quickie and embark on the next one then you can be prepared to see one the most beautiful sunset behind the dunes of the Sam desert then head to the camp and the warm welcome in the cultural style awaits with aarti-tika and dhols. At safari camp enjoy the welcome drink with Rajasthani folk music, traditional performances and live your best moment of vacations in the rajwada desert camp.

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