desert safari in jaisalmer

A lot of sunlight and a smooth expanse of sand that never ends is what making the Jaisalmer desert a perfect attraction for travel lovers. And what better way to enjoy the beauty than a desert safari in Jaisalmer. From strolling through the sand dunes to enjoying the sight of traditionally decorated camels, Jaisalmer has many things to do that make it an ideal place to be included in a trip to Rajasthan. Vibrant evenings create the desert safari lodge in Jaisalmer's core and soul. Wherever you throw in the rhythm of local songs and bask in the times ' joy. Folk dance, traditional music, and the great Rajasthani Thali epitomize these evenings –that's how the safari lures you!

Desert Safari in Jaisalmer can be of two types one is camel safari where you can enjoy the ride on the ship of the desert. The camel safari in Jaisalmer, which includes all significant desert sights, is the most sought after the event as you schedule a desert safari in the ' golden town ' dunes. Sit on a camel's back hanging on to his hump as he brings you across the Thar on a bumpy journey. In the evening, head to the village and get a great traditional welcome. At your favorite desert adventure lodge in Jaisalmer, enjoy the welcome beverage along with the Rajasthani folk dance and songs. Second is the Jeep Safari after a camel safari in Jaisalmer, the most famous event, jeep safari brings you across the Thar Desert's unexplored beauty with great ease and convenience. Jeeps are quick compared to camels, making a pleasant journey along the glittering dunes of the sand. The fact that jeep safari is the most common event among most visitors on their way to Jaisalmer's desert safari lodge talks a lot about it.

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